Glazing proficiency

Using our extensive knowledge of glazing we can fix this issue by replacing the double glazed unit returning the wonderful views you had before the problem unit. At Sheffield glazing company we will find the cause of the problem and try to replace the pane and not the frame this keeps the cost of repair down and stops any unnecessary building work. 

Although age can be a problem and is the main cause of misted units but not the only cause, when double glazing is fitted incorrectly, your window panes and frames won't be properly aligned. This means your seals deteriorate and gaps will form, allowing air and moisture into your double glazed units.  Other causes can be when the double glazed unit was not manufactured correctly and poor quality materials were used to seal the glazing, another cause can be the use harsh chemical products to clean your windows, which can deteriorate the window seals and reduce the effectiveness of your double glazed unit meaning that replacement or repair is your only option.