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At Sheffield Glazing Company, we give our customers the full range when it comes to glazing services, whether you need single or double glazing.


We keep the whole process hassle-free and easy thanks to our friendly and professional team members who take pride in having satisfied customers. 

A brief list of our services include ;

  • Replacing broken glass units in a fast, safe and professional manner ensuring all the glass is cleared away to a high standard keeping your area safe.

  • With our extensive knowledge of the glass industry we only use award winning double glazed glass that will keep the heat inside your property ensuring super energy efficiency thanks to the magical powers of K-Glass.

  • We also provide emergency boarding up services so that your property will be secure while the replacement unit made up.

  • Restoring old leaded units, at Sheffield Glazing Company we take great pride in restoring the traditional old leaded units, we carefully take out the lead work and restore it in house repairing and cleaning, then we encase it in a modern double-glazed unit giving you the benefit of a warm energy efficient property with the unrivalled aesthetic appeal of traditional lead work ensuring that this piece of historic art-work can be preserved for many more years.   

  • We provide great service domestically or commercially. 

  • Replacing old unwanted units that have started to mist up and become an eye-sore returning natural light back into your property.  

  • We can also help with any of your single glazed worries weather it be internally or externally.      

  • We supply and fit all types of glass throughout Sheffield, from double glazed to single glazed, stained or obscured in all areas including but not limited to;  Sheffield centre, Crookes, Walkley, Hillsborough, Stannington, Rivelin, Fox hill, Dore, Totley, Hallamshire, Ranmoor, Broomhill, Heeley.              

  • we only used quality double glazed units that have been assured by professional bodies and tested for the best results.                              

  • All Sheffield postcodes; S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S11, S12, S13, S17, S35 ect.

The most common double glazing problem we repair is ‘misted’ double glazed window / door units. At Sheffield glazing company we can repair any problem glazing and leave you with a lasting solution.


When a window shows the sign commonly known as ‘misty’, ‘cloudy’, or ‘blown’ double glazing as it is known in the industry, it normally means your double glazing has broken down. There are many mitigating factors that contribute to why your double glazing breaks down and causes a build up of condensation within the double glazed window / door unit the most common of which being simply time.


A new double glazed window unit is manufactured using a substance called desiccant that’s placed within your double glazed units spacer bar to absorb any water vapour that manages to get past your units edge sealant, and overtime this becomes saturated. As a result of the moisture having nowhere to escape, and the desiccant not being able to absorb any more water vapour, a build up of condensation between the two panes occurs resulting in misted double glazing.


At Sheffield glazing company we are able to replace your misted double glazed unit without changing the surrounding framework. We fit our new glass units into the existing framework which includes timber, plastic or aluminium this means all your glazing woe is taken care of at a fraction of the cost of an entire new window.


For added peace of mind our double glazed sealed units are guaranteed for 5 years against misting, however the lifespan of most double glazing units is between 10 and 20 years.


Sheffield glazing company can provide solutions to glazing that has been broken, damaged, vandalised or a simple case of upgrading existing windows giving them a new lease of life. Double glazing can be replaced to the same specifications or we can upgrade your current glass with various additional extras such as;


Laminated glass, Toughened glass, Low ‘e’ glass Tinted glass, Fire rated glass, Softcoat glass,Obscured glass, Leaded units, Georgian bar units, mirrored glass, Double glazing with cat flaps, Double glazing with ventilation holes cut and much more.

699 Penistone road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, England.